This January, Peñasco middle and high schools will offer an after-school program. It be held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:20 pm until 5:45 pm, starting whenever school resumes in-person. No bussing home will be provided at this time. Pick up time is 5:45pm at the usual parent pickup spot outside the library.

Schedule:  Tuesday: Guitar, Debate, Student Council Wednesday: Violin, Chess, Student Council

Guitar and Violin will work with Mr. Duran and a violin instructor from Taos. The debate program will be led by Mr. Sandoval and will focus on teaching students to argue with each other! (This means developing points based on information and listening to other students' points and responding.) Chess will be taught by Andrew Roybal. Student Council is open to all students and will focus on service projects; Ms. Noll will lead the class.

We will also be offering a Media Arts/AV club very soon. We also hope to offer art and gardening programs.

If your student is currently playing basketball, feel free to sign them up anyway. They can start after the season ends or participate before practice, whichever works. Sixth graders will be part of this program, not the elementary program.

Snacks will be served, and suppers will begin at some point in January.

To register, please fill out the form at Or, fill out a paper form, found at local stores and post offices, and return to Ms. Rodriguez in the high school office.