Please connect to the following link for answers to questions you may have:



7th & 8th grade science students, please contact Mrs. Esquibel via email jesesquibel@penascoisd.com or jesquibel@penasco.k12.nm.us , so she can provide information regarding your online science lessons.

8th grade Computer Science Discoveries, please continue with unit 3 lessons 16-20, 30 minutes at least 4 days a week. Please make sure read instructions carefully, watch videos if required, and look at each example given. If you get frustrated then it means you’re thinking hard, give yourself a break, and then return to it. Also, please go to typing club at least once a week for 30 minutes.

9th grade Computer Science Principals, please complete unit 3 chapter assessments, there are four assessments. Please complete these assessments this week. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Esquibel at jesesquibel@penascoisd.com, She will give you more assignments next week.

To find your teacher's page on the website, click here. Teacher pages are listed in alphabetical order.


Please be sure to continue working on completing the course(s) you are working on. Due to the school closures, you are being allowed more movement within your course, with the exception of the cumulative exam, in order to complete it. Mrs. Laumbach and Mrs. M. López will be monitoring your progress and are available if you have any questions or need assistance. Please contact us at:

plaumbach@penascoisd.com or mlopez@penasco.k12.nm,.us

Also, Ms. Laumbach is working to make contact with all Edgenuity students to verify you have access to a computer and internet. If you have not been contacted and need either one, please contact Mrs. Laumbach to speed up the process.
Thank you and stay safe.

Dual credit students

Students who are taking college courses for dual credit and for college credit through NNMC, CNM, and/or Clovis please be sure to check your emails for information on next steps to complete your courses. Make sure that you are completing and submitting the work you are assigned by the posted/stated deadlines. Be sure to contact Pauline Laumbach at plaumbach@penascoisd.com or Marina Lopez at mlopez@penasco.k12.nm.us if you have any questions or need further guidance. Ms. Laumbach has been in contact with dual credit/college students to ensure everyone has a laptop/computer and internet connectivity. If your situation changes, let us know immediately. We are working from home to ensure you are able to continue to meet your graduation requirements. Thank you and stay safe.

Attention  Ms. Mandy Montoya's Economics Students

Class will continue on Edmodo.

Student Instructions for Economics edmodo:

1. Visit edmodo.com using your smartphone or computer.

2. Click or tap "Get started as a Student."

3. Follow the instructions on your screen. Use your class code: bqkyb6

Attention- Driver's Ed. Students- March 20, 2020


Please continue with the course from home. If you have not received your workbook contact Mr. Tafoya at dtafoya@penasco.k12.nm.us

Large 40ff12b9 cf1c 4011 aa99 b6722df7bae9ATTENTION- STUDENTS OF MS. AMY RENDON: Middle school Math students (7th and 8th grade) need to check their school email for instructions and expectations or this week and beyond.

Financial Lit. students will be continuing their course through Edgenuity. Check in to see when your course is up and running and start working on it. Questions? Contact Ms. Rendon at arendon@penasco.k12.nm.us

Middle & High School Band Students - March 21, 2020


Moving forward, Mr. Duran is encouraging his band students to put in practice time daily playing their band instrument. If you did not pick up an instrument please contact Mr. Duran at cduran@penasco.K12.nm.us

Shannon Medina - School Social Worker

Please review the COVID 19 Information Ms. Medina has made available to students and families -

Tips https://5il.co/e322

Resources  https://5il.co/e321

Please feel free to contact Ms. Medina by email smedina@penaascoisd.com 

Coach Maxine Abeyta

Coach Max suggests you search YouTube Children's Exercise Videos for your children while we are out of school. Along with taking a walk, jog, tun or riding a bike. Sit-ups, push-ups, and mountain climbers. Join in on the fun. Great family time!It's going to be a long few weeks, let's keep our kiddos moving.



More from Coach Maxine Abeyta

I'd like to continue to encourage all students to stay active 30-60 minutes a day, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, (limit empty calorie snacks) and get at least 8 hours of sleep. As a reminder you can find great YouTube exercise videos along with Just Dance Routines. (Plus, your daily playing outside activity, practicing social distancing of course)

MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, please log your daily exercise routine and e-mail it to me on Thursdays. Again, walk, jog, run 10, 000 steps a day or a 30 minute exercise video. If you have an exercise tracking tool, i.e. Fitbit, Apple Watch, your phone, please email me pictures of your daily stats. (Please include what activity you did, and date) Thanks!!

Stay safe all, and I MISS YOU!!!!