Employment Opportunities


DATE OF NOTICE: November 4, 2020




l . Extensive training and/or experience in food preparation;

2. Demonstrate leadership qualities;

3. Demonstrate cooperativeness and a willingness to acquire added competencies in the area of nutrition and related areas;

4. Must be literate and have mathematical skills;

5. Competencies in record keeping, reporting and inventory control;

6. Must be able to lift 25 pounds to head level, when required.

7. Must be able to kneel, squat, crawl, bend and walk without limitations;

8. Other qualifications determined to be necessary by the Board.

REPORTS TO: Cafeteria Manager/Community Schools Coordinator, Immediate Supervisor(s)

(Shared responsibility)

Superintendent- General Supervisor

SUPERIVSES: Assistant Cooks

JOB GOAL: To serve the students attractive and nutritious meals in an atmosphere of efficiency, cleanliness and warmth.


1. Maintain the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in the kitchen.

2. Direct, plan and supervise kitchen personnel in the safe, proper and efficient use of all kitchen equipment and maintain inventory of food supply, supplies and equipment.

3. Check food shipments into the school, signing requisitions and/or invoices only after each order has been verified.

4. Determine the quantities of each food to be prepared daily.

5. Determine the size of serving to meet the necessary requirements with regard to the ages of those served.

6. Prepare food according to a planed menu and tested uniform recipes and determine if the finished product is of best quality both flavor and appearance before it is served.

7. Record all food requisitions from the storeroom and record all meals served, designating with or without milk.

8. Oversee the locking of the storeroom, and maintaining of a correct inventory as required, to include equipment and supplies.

9. Initiate orders or requests through the Community Schools Coordinator, in a timely manner, as per schedule provided by the Community Schools Coordinator.

10. Report immediately to the Cafeteria Manager/Superintendent any problems or accident occurring in the kitchen or the cafeteria premises.

11. Confer with Cafeteria Manager/Superintendent regarding any personnel

problems. Supervise and assist in evaluating cafeteria personnel.

12. Report to the Cafeteria Manager/Community Schools Coordinator any faulty or inferior quality food which is received.

13. Supervise the daily cleaning of all kitchen equipment, the washing and sterilizing of all dishes, silverware and utensils. Make sure that kitchen floors are swept and mopped and walls and windows washed.

14. Participate in daily cleaning of all equipment and kitchen.

15. Attend board meetings at the request of the Community Schools Coordinator or Superintendent.

16. Perform other assigned tasks required of the Cafeteria Manager, Community Schools Coordinator or Superintendent.

TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: Work schedule and hours to be established by the Superintendent on an annual basis.

SALARY: Salary to be established by the Superintendent on an annual basis, through the adoption of the salary schedules.

Please send resume to agarcia@penascoisd.com