Peñasco Independent School District Notice Community Budget Input Meeting March 27, 2023, 5:00 pm, District Administration Office
3 days ago, Peñasco School District
Budget Input
If you live in New Mexico and need education related help with technology, call, text, or live chat with your region. Click on the "Student Resources" button on the front page of this website to access contact and chat information.
27 days ago, Peñasco School District
Art Tour Winners: Ages 13-17, 1st Place: Savannah Browne, 2nd Place: Dazlyn Gonzales, 3rd Place: Zach Montoya. Runners Up: Analise MacAuley, Jeremiah Martinez. Ages 9-12, 3rd Place: Jennifer Chacon,. Runners Up: Linaya Martinez, Eli Espinoza, Alyssa Rodriguez. Ages 4-7, 1st Place Mia, 2nd Place tie Delilah Lopez and Samuel Rodriguez, 3rd Place: Therese Martinez. Runners Up: Savannah Ortiz, Jameson Dominguez, Nora Bradley-Bissell, Jessica Garcia.
4 months ago, Peñasco School District
Art Tour
This year, PISD will be offering after-school programs to students in all grades and schools. The focus will be on academic support (tutoring, homework help), STEAM activities, and cultural activities. They will be fun! (Students keep asking when they start!) At the MS/HS, students will be able to participate, even if they're going out for sports. To learn more and register your students, click this link:
8 months ago, Michael Noll
2022-2023 STUDENT CALENDAR. Click on "Quick Links" on the homepage of this website.
8 months ago, Peñasco School District
2022-2023 Student Calendar